What is the Best Season for Selling Your Home in Seattle?

If you have been thinking about selling your home, but wanted to wait until summer to do so, you may want to think twice! Although the summer in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful and many homes show very well during this time, it is possible that your home actually shows better in another season. So what time of year is best? It depends!

  • Summer: Homes that can take advantage of all that summer has to offer may indeed show best during this time of year. Waterfront properties, properties within walking distance to a public beach, riverfront homes, golf course communities, and homes in bustling tourist areas shine in the summer.
  • Fall: If your home is located in a rural area that has a riot of color heralding in the season, fall may be the best time for you to sell. Landscaping should be trimmed back as it looks spent and if there is a nice day, throwing open the windows and appreciating outdoor living by draping a throw blanket over the outdoor seating reminds potential buyers that the outdoors is not suited for just one season.
  • Winter: Some homes shine with a little snow, ice, and really good outdoor lighting. And some homes seem to be made for the holidays. There is something about a Christmas tree in lights in the front window and a wreath on the door. In addition, if you have a partial view of the water or mountains that is more expansive when all the leaves are off the trees, then the winter may be the perfect time to sell your home.
  • Spring: When the weather warms, the plants and trees begin to fill in with that special green color, and some homes, especially older homes in Seattle that don’t have air conditioning and that tend to too warm in the summer, show very well in the late spring.

It is important to remember two things:

  1. You can think of seasonal selling like staging, but the goal is not to mask any known defects in your home. We have a seller disclosure form in which you will need to report on home defects as you are selling. That being said, thinking about what season best celebrates all the wonderful things your home is a smart way to sell.
  2. You may need to move in whatever season you sell in. If you cannot think of moving in the heat of summer or navigating the front steps on a slippery winter day while carrying boxes, that should also be taken into consideration.

Does this have you thinking about your home selling plan? If you are thinking of making a move, contact me – your Seattle Home Guy. Give me a call or text: (206) 226-5300 or email: sold@windermere.com.

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