Seattle Rental Properties face more regulation from Seattle City Council!!!


Seattle council set to hear proposal to cap move in costs and require landords to provide payment plans


The bill is the latest in a rash of Seattle council proposals to regulate rental housing in Seattle.

Socialist Kshama Sawant is set to discuss legislation to cap ,move in costs charged by landlords to new tenants, and require that landlords provide interest free loans on deposits as demanded by the tenant.

Ordinance details include:

  • Total move-in fees (includes security deposits and non-refundable fees) restricted to no more than first month’s rent.
  • Non-refundable fees could not exceed 10% of first month’s rent.
  • Tenant’s may choose to pay move-in fees over an up-to 6-month period without imposition of any additional fees or costs.

This ordinance is in addition to the “first application requirement” that the council recently passed.

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