Shopping for a home – and a Parking Spot – in Seattle

Although many homes in Seattle come equipped with a garage and driveway, there are many homes in the older neighborhoods which are not so lucky, leaving neighbors vying for coveted curb space. Additionally, if you are a couple purchasing a condo in the Downtown area, the condo may come with a parking spot in the garage for a single vehicle, but perhaps not two. Therefore if you are buying in Seattle, thinking about what you are going to do about parking if your home or condo doesn’t come with enough spots to park your car is something that should indeed be on your mind.

We have forces working both for the parking-challenged and against them at the moment. With more micro-housing being built in Downtown which attracts Millennials who may be more likely to take advantage of public transportation, the parking problem may be alleviated in some areas. However, with more people moving to Seattle, that is going to make the overall problem a bigger challenge.

In neighborhoods where neighbors vy for street parking in front of their own house, the introduction of a neighbor with yet another car to park can be a challenge. It is important to remember that no one owns the parking spots on the street and while it is courteous to allow people to park in front of their own homes, it is not the law, so don’t assume that if you purchase a home, the spot on the street is yours.

I have seen extra parking spots in condo complexes go for $15,000 and up, making this a large expense in addition to the property you may be purchasing – if there is one available.

My advice? Make sure you don’t overlook this critical component in buying a home or condo in Seattle. Make a plan if the home you are making an offer on doesn’t include parking. Contact me to learn more! Steve Laevastu: or give me a call: (206)-226-5300