Listing My Home – Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I would devote this blog to some of my most frequently asked questions.

“Steve, we are ready to move, but we never got around to updating the powder room downstairs. It has pink fixtures and pink floral wallpaper, circa 1982. Do you think I need to update the bathroom before I put the home on the market?”

Although this ultimately depends on the buyer, anything that shrinks the buyer pool ultimately can lessen demand for your home. A buyer might walk into that bathroom and say, “Whoa. That is too much work. I am out!” If enough buyers decide it is too much to take on, then you may not get an offer for your property OR an offer may be less than you expect. Or, you may just happen to get the right buyer to come along who is up to the task! As far as powder room updates go, removing wallpaper, replacing a sink, toilet, mirror, lighting, and a little storage shouldn’t cost too much and it is probably worth doing. But let’s talk about it! Continue reading